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Large-Scale Built Heritage Survey

large scale build heritage survey

Built Heritage Surveys are often commissioned as a result of large-scale developments where there will be significant changes to an urban or rural landscape relating to infrastructure, industrial or commercial projects e.g. a road scheme, quarry, wind farm or an urban renewal project. They generally involve the recording of all the known buildings and structures which will be directly or indirectly impacted upon by a proposed large-scale development.

These include all upstanding buildings such as country houses and demesnes, historic houses, vernacular dwellings, mills, mill races, sluice gates, forges, limekilns, canals, locks, bridges etc. These surveys can also include archaeological buildings e.g. churches, tower houses, castles, as appropriate. Built Heritage Surveys also include smaller items of street furniture e.g. post-boxes, lampposts and roadside furniture e.g. milestones, water pumps, crosses and memorials etc.

We can carry out built heritage survey as a stand-alone project or as part of a Cultural Heritage EIS. We have undertaken various surveys for national road schemes, local authorities, private developers and local groups in order to assess, categorise or quantify building stock in their ownership for a specific purpose.

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