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Historic Building Assessments

historic building assessments

We undertake historic building assessments in relation to recorded archaeological monuments. The assessment involves the recording of a structure by means of a written and photographic description and may include a measured survey, if requested. This can be in response to restoration & conservation works or other re-development projects and planning related work. Assessments can also be carried out as research projects to provide background information on a building and its historical development.

We address all medieval and post-medieval building types including castles, churches, round towers, dovecotes, bridges, estate houses, demesne features, thatched houses, other vernacular buildings and industrial structures. While the Record of Monuments & Places (RMP) contains primarily archaeological monuments, some counties have included post-1700 buildings and structures deemed worthy of inclusion in the archaeological record.

Historic Building Assessments are often a requirement of planning, although they can be undertaken at a pre-planning stage if required by the client.

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